Lucky soft+

by Francesco Andrea Antoniazzi
Venice, Italy · (+39) 366 9981264 ·

Focused on the development and implementation of algorithms, creation and management of software products using different programming languages and tools. Acknowledged for the quality of the results achieved in quick time, reliability and problem-solving. Areas of interest: implementation of algorithmic solutions, cryptography and DBMS system administration.

Main Job Experiences

Backend Developer

Edizioni Ca’ Foscari, Venice

  • Developed a Python3/Django application
  • Improved the graphical structure of the website using HTML5, CSS, JS
  • Added functionalities to the platform for management of resources
  • Ensured strategy alignment within the team
  • Visit the website clicking here

April 2018 to present

Mobile Developer

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
  • Designed and developed a web-app using Ionic framework
  • Designed and maintained the project server and the noSQL database
  • Used several open-source libraries
  • Displayed and handled geo-localized data (GIS)
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April 2018 – September 2019

Frontend Developer

Marocco Magic Holiday
August 2017
Who belived in me


Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Master Degree in Computer Science
Software Dependability and Cyber Security
September 2018 to present

Masaryk University of Technology, Brno (CZ)

Study semester
Theorical & Applied Cryptography
September 2018 - Jenuary 2019

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Bachelor's degree in IT

Final score: 110L

September 2015 - March 2018

Scientific High School G.B. Benedetti of Venice

Final score: 90/100 with a positive note for the quality of the work proposed as thesis

September 2010 - June 2015


Languages & Tools
Offered services
IT Consultant
Your business deserves only the best.
The informatic cooperation allow a direct working relationship and focused on the final goal.
IT Transfer
The age of the printed paper is almost ended, we need innovations that allows us to optimise the workflow. LuckySoft+ can revolutionize your le tue way of keeping important data in a secure and functional way.
Do you have a shop or a business Hai un negozio o un'attività the world should be aware?
In the digital era the online positioning is essential for your business. LuckySoft+ can create a static or dynamic website for you that gives visibility to your products.
The knowledge must be shared, and that's why LuckySoft+ offers private lectures of informatics, math, physic and technical drawing.
Personally we belive that an effective study method is essential for a correct growth of the student. That's why we transfer not only notions and technical skills but the attitude of learning, too.


Besides being an algorithms and web developer, I love outdoor living. I love sea and mountain landscapes that I can appreciate from a higher point of view thanks to my drones.

I like keep myself updated about the state of the art of technology and read books which can widen my work attitude, improving personal relationship and helping my personal pursuit of happiness.
During my free-time I like realistic sim-racing.